The bakery employs the No Time Dough production method to produce a variety of breads in wheat and white form. They include round bread (tennis rolls), hotdog buns, plait bread, sandwich loaves, dinner rolls, long bread (bread stick), Pullman loaf and hamburger buns. Hamburger buns are produced in three sizes. We also produce speciality breads, such as raisin bread (wholewheat), multigrain (ten grain) bread, focaccia bread and kaiser rolls. Leaven bread is also produced, using the sponge and dough method. Click here to see a bit of our bakery operations.

Home Pride bread is sold in Petit Martinique, Carriacou and Grenada and can be purchased in most village shops and supermarkets. Our bread is pre-packaged in food grade plastic bags and transported in sales vans throughout the island. They are seven functional routes which the vans travel daily.  Click here to see all the Home Pride routes.   Special orders can also be placed via phone, in person or through normal suppliers. All orders must be placed with the bakery by 10 AM a day prior to delivery date.