In December 2009 the production of cakes and pastries was removed from the Home Pride bakery and transferred to a new wing called the Home Pride Deli. In addition to the products that are generally sold in the bakery, Home Pride Deli offers a variety of products that includes rotis, pizzas, sandwiches, soups, snacks and daily lunches.

The daily lunch menu is as follows:

  • Monday – Stir fried spaghetti with stewed lentils, steamed ripe plantain, stewed turkey wings and potato salad
  • Tuesday – Lentil peas and rice with ground provisions, mixed salad and baked chicken or creole fish
  • Wednesday – Ginger fried rice with macaroni pie, stewed callaloo  and stewed chicken or creole fish
  • Thursday – Pelau or provision and saltfish souse with mixed salad
  • Friday – Black eye peas and rice with fried ripe plantains, mixed vegetables and baked chicken or creole fish
  • Saturday –cow heel soup

The Home Pride Deli also offers a Snack Catering Service.  Generally we provide a combination of the items listed below. However, for your convenience we have customized three different combinations of finger foods served as snack plates from which you can choose.

  1. Cheese Straws – Ham Sandwiches – Fish Fingers – Chicken Drummettes – Fruit Cake – Plain Cake
  2. Ripe Plantain Brochette – Cheese Sandwiches – Saltfish Balls – Chocolate Cake – Cherry cake
  3. Tuna Sandwiches – Meat Patties – Sausage Rolls – Callaloo Quiche – Marble Cakes

 Additionally, we pride ourselves for making wonderful cakes for special occasions such as: weddings, birthday, engagement, christening, graduation, confirmation. We also make characters cakes.  Just tell us what you want and: if you really want it, order it!  Click here to check out some of the creations from our deli. 

Deli Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 6am to 10pm

Sundays and public holidays 9am – 9pm