moneygram (1)If you want to send funds quickly overseas you can do so via Moneygram offered at Home Pride Inc. It takes only 10 minutes! From the time the transaction is completed at Home Pride the person receiving the funds can get it within 10 minutes.  In a similar way you can receive monies sent to you from overseas via Moneygram.

Receiving Funds

In order to collect funds sent to you by someone, you must do the following:

  • Give the Moneygram reference number to the Moneygram operator and your name, the name and location of the person sending the funds, to the Moneygram operator
  • Present valid personal identification (ID), eg. passport, Grenada’s drivers license, Grenada National Insurance card, Grenada voter’s registration card.  Please note that expired identification documents will not be accepted and that the name on your ID must match the name given by the sender.

A Moneygram form which you are required to sign, will then be prepared by the moneygram operator then the funds will be disbursed to you by either cash or cheque depending on the amount of the transaction.

Sending Funds

You must present valid ID in order to remit funds to someone via Moneygram.  Also you must ensure that the person receiving the funds has a valid ID and that the name on their ID matches the information you give to the operator.

A form which you are required to sign, will be prepared by the Moneygram operator and you will be given the reference number generated by the Moneygram system.  This number, as well as your name as recorded on your ID must be given to the person the funds are being sent to in order to facilitate them collecting these funds.

You will also be required to pay a commission of EC$21.60 when sending EC$540 (US$200) or less.  Amounts being sent in excess of EC$540 will incur a commission of 4% of the amount being sent.