December of 2007 marked a new era for Home Pride Bakery.  It was the start of a new wing, a new vision of the owners. By collaboration with  George F. Huggins (G’da) Ltd. – owner of the Foodland brand, Home Pride Foodland Supermarket was established.

Home Pride Bakery was already a household name and it was not long before the Supermarket became just that as well. The need for a supermarket arose at a time when there was major development in the area. Together with the growing population and the need for an added attraction in the area it was a venture worth pursuing. The people of Westerhall and surrounding areas no longer have to travel to St. George’s to do their weekly grocery shopping. The supermarket, fully stocked and with some parking area caters to the needs of everyone. Although small, our friendly, competent and knowledgeable staff understand the needs of the customers and in most cases call them by name. Like Home Pride Bakery, Home Pride Foodland has become a household name.

Come shop at Home Pride Foodland, for: your satisfaction is always our ambition.

Supermarket Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday 7am – 10pm

Sundays & public holidays 9am – 9pm